Frequently Asked Questions
Why does my subscription charge show up from Bitesize, LLC on my PayPal statement?
Bitesize is the name of the app development firm partnered with Plexus® to bring you the Lexi by Plexus™ app.
Can I have Lexi on multiple devices?
We do not recommend having Lexi on multiple devices, whether they are compatible or not, due to the way notifications work. Notifications only display on the most recently used device (not all devices that have Lexi installed). If you log in from a secondary device, your notifications will appear on that device. This could cause you to miss important notifications from the app and/or your Contacts.
Can Lexi be used internationally?
No, Lexi is only currently available in the U.S.
Is Lexi compatible with all types of devices?
We currently support Apple mobile devices with iOS 8 and above and Android mobile devices version 4.0 and above. If you choose to access Lexi on other devices, please be aware that certain functionality and features may not work. It may also cause issues with your account, such as loss of access or billing issues.
Why do I have a separate phone number?
Lexi uses an automatic texting feature that provides a separate number. Here are a few benefits of having a separate business texting number:
  • Allows messages to send anytime:
  • By using the autotext business number, the texts go out even if your phone is turned off or if you do not have service.
  • Prevents overages:
  • For anyone with a limited texting plan, messages sent from the business number will not count against total allowed texts for their plan cycle.
  • Keeps your personal and business texts separate:
  • You are able to send and receive texts on the business number via Lexi. When you receive a reply, you will be notified on the app icon displayed on your phone's home screen. You will also see a red dot on the message icon located in the top right corner of the app. After viewing new responses, the messages are stored in the Contact details. You can access them by selecting "Text" on the Contact details page, which will display the text history with that specific Contact.
Can I import my existing phone Contacts into Lexi?
Yes. Lexi now has an import Contact feature. If you tap on "Contacts," you will see a "+" symbol in the lower-right corner. Tap on this and two more options will appear. Select the download icon (a down-pointed arrow) and select the Contacts you wish to import from your phone.
How do I change my Timezone?
Open the “Menu” by clicking on the three lines located in the top-left corner of the app. Once the menu opens, select “Settings” and then "My Location," which will allow you to update your timezone.
How can I change the Track a Contact is currently on?
You will begin by clicking on "Contacts." Find the contact you'd like to update. Tap on their name, which will bring you to the "Edit Contact" screen. Select the "Tracks" tab at the top. From there, you can select the Track you would like to switch your Contact to. Once you select the desired Track, click "Done" in the top-right corner. Confirm by pressing "OK."
What should I enter in the signature fields?
  • Signature Name: The way your name will appear at the bottom of emails
  • Signature Title: This is where you can add any title you hold within Plexus or your own business. Keep in mind that this will be displayed in messages that are sent via Lexi. The title you choose must identify you as a Plexus Ambassador. For example, "Jane Doe, Plexus Diamond Ambassador."
  • Closing Salutation: If you have a quote or sentence you'd like to end an email with, this is where you input that.
  • Website: Some Ambassadors have a website or a Facebook page/group they use for their Plexus business. This is where you can include the website to be included at the end of emails.
  • Tagline: A final phrase to include at the end of emails. For example, "It's the small things" or "Making a difference, one person at a time", etc.
Will uninstalling lose any of my information such as Contacts and Tracks they are on?
No, all of your details and the information you enter for your Contacts are saved in our database and attached to your Ambassador ID.
Can I use my personal cell number to send out the auto-texts?
No, at this time we use what is called a Longcode number. This number will be assigned to you as your business line as long as you have an active subscription with at least one Contact actively on a Track.
Can I see email correspondence from my Contacts directly through the app?
No, at this time the app does not keep track of emails back and forth from you and your Contact. We recommend you create folders for your Contacts within your default email account and move them to the folders as needed.
What is the refund policy?
Your subscription will automatically renew every 90 days at the regular subscription rate unless canceled, at any time, by contacting Bitesize Customer Support prior to your subscription expiration date. You will receive two email reminders in the week prior to your renewal date. You will not receive a refund for the fees you already paid for your current subscription period and you will continue to receive the Services ordered until the end of your current Subscription period.
How do I cancel?
Please contact Lexi by Plexus® Customer Support in order to cancel.
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, MT